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Community Owned & Operated

305 Enterprise Blvd
Lake Charles, LA 70601



H:  (Our office is temporary closed due to COVID-19)

Call us: 337-304-9057 (Questions, Concerns, Advertisement, Announcement)

Fax Number: 337-433-8097

Request Line: 337-491-0966

Text us: 337-419-3535

Our Hearts and Prayers go out to the families and lives affected by COVID-19.  This crisis has disrupted just about every aspect of everyone’s lives, and the situation is no different for the staff of KZWA Radio Station. We have experienced an unheard of interruption of our normal operations, yet every day our dedicated staff continue to work hard to bring you the music, news and entertainment you have come to rely on.  We ask you to please continue to support local businesses.  Our programming remains on-air, and while several local events have been rescheduled or canceled, we remain committed to keeping you informed and inspired during these challenging times. You can hear updated information on COVID-19, by listening to KZWA 104.9 FM on your radio OR online by clicking  We also have live, local news highlights featured on  We are here for you and your family.

Most of our staff members are working from home, working tirelessly to keep our broadcasts on the air, and as close to normal as possible. As a result, we have temporarily closed our business office but can be reached during normal business hour Monday-Friday by dialing or texting (337) 304-9057 or emailing us at to inquire about rates, commercials, announcements, or make changes to your broadcast schedule . We hope and pray that KZWA’s music and entertainment will help take your mind off of the Crisis and help you relax during this stressful time. 

The situation has impacted places of worship, schools, businesses and families. The safety of our staff, our guests and the entire community is our top priority. While these actions will cause a significant disruption to our business, we are devoting all of our energy right now to continuing our service to you in this time of crisis. Thanks for your continued support of this essential service, especially in moments like these.

We wish you and your family the best, and keep listening to KZWA 104.9 FM your urban jam leader.

Anthony Bartie
General Manager