[Watch] Singer Trey Songz Arrested After Destroying Stage

Of all the artists to throw tantrums on stage, this one was a huge surprise!

During Trey Songz performance last night, the venue threatened to cut off his mic because his set was running too long.  As a result, Trey threatened to “Go Crazy” if they did in fact cut his show short.


The venue turned off Trey’s microphone anyway and that’s when a Detroit officer said he became “upset and belligerent,” and started throwing microphones and speakers. Soon after Trey’s tantrum began it ended, because he was arrested, but not before hitting an officer with a flying object first.

Detroit News reported that Songz was still at the Detroit Detention Center this morning after being arrest for malicious destruction of property and for resisting and obstructing arrest.

Atlantic Records has yet to give a statement, but hopefully he will be released sooner than later because he has a scheduled performance in Chicago on Friday, December 30th.

I guess if Kanye’s not here to do the ranting, someone else has to. SMH