Lake Charles Police Cracking Down on Tailgating Drivers

Lake Charles Police Cracking Down on Tailgating Drivers

For several, mornings are always a bit hectic. In between getting ourselves together, kids clothed and off to school, breakfast, last minute deadlines and traffic, the pressure to be [On Time] to work, adds even more stress…..hence the need to always be in a hurry!

Well despite whatever time of day is most hectic for you, make sure you’re not taking your ‘need for speed’ out on other drivers. Driving too close behind people on the road obviously puts you and others at risk for an accident. At any moment, a change in situation can take place on the road and that extra distance gives drivers the necessary margin of error to correct accordingly to the situation. If not, a dangerous situation can result. Police can also ticket you for the offense.

According to KPLC7 special report, here are some tips on how to best adjust yourself on the roads to avoid accidents.

KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

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