Flooding in Lake Charles

A quick trip to McDonald’s yesterday turned into a 3 hour episode of Survivor for me. After the show I decided to run to McD’s at Broad and 171, and ended up in a parking lot with about 20 other vehicles at Common and Alamo stranded due to high water. If you are from Lake Charles I know you are wondering how one gets from 171 and Broad to Common and Alamo? Well the answer would be when every puddle looks like 10 feet of water! I have never been anyplace where water rises to quickly. I have heard the stories about folks having to abandon their car because of high water levels. So I was avoiding any resemblance of high water. Eventually I was forced to go a direction I did not want to go, then finally ended up at the Sewing co. at the corner of Common and Alamo. (People still sew??). I was among the first cars to pull in so as other cars pulled in, I get blocked, not that I could go anywhere anyhow. To make a long story short, I ended up walking to a friends house and picked up my car this morning. Compared to other stories I have heard and with some people still without power, my episode was not that bad.