Home Team Morning Show!

I’m so excited about our new morning show starting Monday at 6am on 104.9  with  Michele McKnight, Zack Locke,  the Sports preacher and myself. Michele and I go back to when we worked together in Houston nearly a decade ago, Zack is the most talented comedian in South West La., and Sports Preacher is a die hard sports head with inside contacts with every one from the  McNesse Cowboys to the Dallas Cowboys. We are going to have a great time every morning starting at 6am. You can Even be a part of the new  show by becoming our NeighborHOOD reporter for your street in SWLA, just tune in for more details. SWLA deserves it’s OWN morning show,  One that originates from SWLA, for SWLA  about SWLA. I encourage you to start your day with something new “The Home Team Morning Show” on Live 104.9