Our Kids Deserve Better!

Washington Marion track was known by school board to be the worst in the city.

The new track was approved in September of 2015 and was supposed to be finished in December of 2015 and was scheduled to be fixed first but wasn’t finished until June 2016 which left the school without a suitablefield to practice on for an entire track season. The track was basically concrete for that track season.

Meanwhile Barb, Iowa, LaGrange got tracks first although their tracks weren’t nearly as bad as Washington-Marion’s who again were supposed to get their tracks first.

Even with the new track Barb, Sulphur, westlake, Sam Houston and Iowa won’t come to a meet at Washington Marion. Why is that? Many already know the answer. This is 2017 Lake Charles, why are we still dealing with the age old issues that plague our society?

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