Dude Rompers

Today we are taking a trip down Romphim Lane… (Big sigh)…

First off… I need to know the human responsible for creating this moose knuckle nightmare that’s​ flooded all 6 of my timelines yesterday on social media… These grown men out here looking like Jada Pinkett Smith in Baps… Yall out here looking like Jerome in da house….


Now I know it was a kick starter.. And These humans raised a lot of money, but I don’t care… I am not a fan..I did not click the follow button or the share button lol


Listen guys… if you wanna destroy your dad’s soul go ahead…get a bro romper…


If you want your kids to never look u in the eye again… go ahead get a bro romper…


If you wanna end up at Disney world holding hands with your best buddy Hakeem sharing an ice cream cone… Go ahead head.. Get a romper


I will not be subscribing… And no I’m not paying shipping or handling For no male romper

“Come on post office!!… Come on UPS!!”
What I’m trying to say is that it’s not cool bruh…  it’s not cool ( my voice just deepened).. Go out and be a man… go Cut some grass and drink a Budweiser or something or something… go change the brakes on ya mom’s car… just please … please… PLEASE… DON’T GET a bro romper!!

Click on this link to watch the full video on what you just read


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