UPDATED [VIDEO] Milwaukee Officer Shoots Driver Of Moving Vehicle At Lakefront


Driver, Terry Williams was shot in the head and has passed away. Shooter, Deputy Michael Truax is on admin leave. A loaded 9mm was found in the vehicle. The infamous Sheriff David Clarke says that the driver committed some kind of “traffic infraction” either pulling out of a parking lot on Lincoln Memorial or while driving past the parking lot, which caused deputies to pursue the vehicle. Terry, a Milwaukee man is seen in the video below driving recklessly in traffic as he’s being pursued by police. Deputy Michael Truax, on foot, can be seen and heard as he shoots at least 5 times into the vehicle. What led to the chase and is the officer justified in using his weapon to stop the subject from getting away?

It is important to note that Milwaukee is the same city that erupted in violence when  Seville Smith was gunned down by a Police Officer. A bank, Jet Beauty supply store, an O’Reilly Auto Parts store and gas station was burned to the ground the following day. Media from all across the country had their lens on Milwaukee as law enforcements were forced to be face to face with a fed-up community. Just last week the trial began for the officer that killed Syville Smith bringing back the memory of the energy that swept the city the year before.  It is our hope that the victims recover and peace can be made between law enforcement and those affected by series of events that took place Sunday.