Lake Charles, Pending Application for a Major Conditional Permit on Enterprise Blvd

There is a pending application for a Major Conditional Permit in conjunction with a planned light manufacturing use on the agenda of the January 14, 2019 Lake Charles Planning and Zoning Commission that may potentially impact residents of North Lake Charles and economic development in the area. The property is directly north of the tracts of land serving the Orleck ship off Enterprise Blvd. The proposed project involves a loading facility for marine and construction equipment.

The applicants are the property owner, Powell Timber Company, & the proposed purchaser of the land and business operator, Edward T. McCain. His company, M & M Electric Services Co., LLC,  is a Marine/Heavy Equipment Construction business. Applicant projects hiring 15 people to work at this facility, making a substantial capital investment and providing employment opportunities for the North Enterprise Blvd area.  The application is on file and open for public inspection in the Office of Zoning and Land Use (337/491-1542) on the 7thfloor of City Hall in Lake Charles.

Please Consider attending the Planning and Zoning meeting on January 14, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers 326 Pujo Street to learn more about the proposal and give Commission members the benefit of your input.   Please pass the word on to neighbors and other interested persons.  Thank you!