Update on Bill Cosby’s “Amazing” Time in Prison

Bill Cosby apparently is making the best of his time in prison.

UPDATES: Cosby says that being locked-up is, quote, an “amazing experience,” and that he is

working on staying healthy and getting in shape. The 81 years old works out in the morning and has

given up bread, coffee, and dessert.

OVERALL STORY: Cosby is going blind, and you would think that would make him uncomfortable in a

maximum security prison…but the way he is responding makes you WRONG. As you can see,he is having

an “AMAZING” time.

Sources say Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt visits him, and says he views him as “really amazing.”

He lost a some pounds and is not consuming bread or desserts…so that means no Jell-O, too.

Wyatt says this is really great because, quote, “Mrs. Cosby has been trying to stop him from drinking

coffee for 55 years.” (Even though Mrs. Cosby wasn’t able to stop him from doing drugs and sexually

assaulting women, truthfully, she is kind of a non-factor, right?)

Cosby is “mentally strong,” and is “making the most of his situation.” Quote, “Despite
the circumstances, he said this is an ‘amazing experience,’ [and] yeah, he used the term
‘amazing experience,”” says Wyatt.