Naked Peanut Butter Man

A surprise snack arrived at a Dallas Dog Park in the form of a naked man covered in peanut butter.

This 25 year old Texas man decided to put on gold Speedo and covered peanut butter all over his entire body before going into the Dallas Dog Park. He soon became the snack of the day for dogs.

A local television station in Dallas, WFAA-8 stated that Steven Shrout reported that a man stood in the Dog Park for five minutes as dogs surrounded him to lick him.

His significant other filmed the incident. Shrout says the stunt was a performed after

he came in 12th placed for fantasy football league.  It was either do that or come up with $250.

“My strategy was to do it as fast as possible, and hope that not many people would see me,” he said.

The on-looker reported the story about the Dallas peanut butter man at