Walmart Getting Rid of Greeters

Walmart is moving out the “greeters” and replacing them with “customer host.”

As of April 26th, Walmart ruled in favor of hiring more qualified people that can lift 25 pound (11-kilogram) packages, climb ladders and stand for long while.

This is disturbing news for greeters with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other physical disabilities. It has been a place of work for them, and serves as a place to connect with the community. Disable workers are worried.

Theresa Sours, an 81-year-old greeter with heart failure, said she desperately needs her Walmart job to help pay for her medicine and house note. Sours, of Stuart, Florida, has worked for the chain for more than 18 years, said her manager told her there are no other openings suited to her ability.

“I never thought they would do this. I feel like I’m thrown to the wolves,” Sours said.

Another Walmart greeter from Vancouver, Washington, John Combs, 42, who has cerebral palsy says he was devastated and then upset by his impending job loss.

The word has spread on social media and other outlets that customers has complained about the upcoming change.

Everyone will have to adhere to this big change, even though Walmart greeters have been around for a long time.