BBC host fired after referring to royal baby, Archie as a monkey

On Wednesday, BC Radio host Danny Baker tweeting out a cartoon about the new royal baby as a chimpanzee in a suit, with the caption: “Royal baby leaves the hospital.” He was fired today, Thursday because of the tweet.

The firing came despite repeated explanations and apologies from the host.

The first mixed-race royal child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born Monday to Prince Harry and Meghan, Dutchess od Sessux.

Baker, who is an award-winning host as well as a comedy writer and journalist, initially deleted the tweet and apologized for its contents.

“Sorry my gag pic of the little fella in the posh outfit has whipped some up,” he tweeted first. “Never occurred to me because, well, mind not diseased. Soon as those good enough to point out it’s possible connotations got in touch, down it came. And that’s it.”

“Once again. Sincere apologies for the stupid unthinking gag pic earlier. Was supposed to be joke about Royals vs circus animals in posh clothes but interpreted as about monkeys & race, so rightly deleted. Royal watching not my forte,” Baker tweeted.

Since he was looked upon as a racist.