Fugees rapper Pras questioned about Federal Indictment

Fugees rapper Pras is copping a plea that sounds a lot like a sales pitch.

Pras is under federal indictment after authorities allege he illegally put millions of dollars into President Obama’s fundraising pool. During a TMZ Live appearance, he revealed that federal agents recently raided him during a recording session. He admits he made campaign contributions to Obama, but says there was nothing wrong with his generosity. But when asked directly about a shady connection to Malysian financier Jho Low, who reportedly used Pras to funnel the illegal campaign donations, he got cagey.

While he was evasive in the interview, he plans to respond directly to the allegations on a new EP called Elon Musk, due out next month. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • Free Pras!
  • At this point, every member of the group has been accused of some sort of major financial fraud.
  • It seems sort of far-fetched that this kind of allegation would just come out of thin air. There has to be some sort of truth to it, right?
  • Maybe it’s all just a big misunderstanding that he can explain away.