Living Legend Foxy Brown was booed off stage

She’s a living legend, but she wasn’t feeling the love when she was booed off stage in her hometown over the weekend.

Foxy Brown had an awkward outing when she popped up on stage at Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s Kandi Burruss’ Welcome to the Dungeon tour stop in New York City. Fox showed up on stage in a mask, attempting to rap her part of the 1996 Jay-Z collab “I’ll Be.” Unfortunately for Fox Boogie, the struggled the entire time. As boos became louder, she was eventually escorted off stage, while the DJ decided to play something from her longtime rival — Lil’ Kim. Kandi tried to stand up for Foxy, telling the crowd that she’s one of your own, and attempting to give the icon a do-over.

If you want to see what happened for yourself, there’s some fan-shot footage on YouTube. Warning to all the Foxy fans out there — it’s hard to watch.

Hot Takes:

  • She’s legally deaf. It’s not always easy to perform live for a loud crowd — especially when you can’t hear yourself.
  • Imagine actually being a rapper and not being able to even hold your own next to a touring reality star.
  • It’s gotta be tough to have physical limitations making it tough to perform when that’s one of the only ways you can earn.
  • Foxy’s a legend but maybe we need to appreciate her in other ways. Let’s give her an honorary award instead of making her perform songs when she can’t even hear the beat.