Cardi B: Cancels shows due to Cosmetic Surgeries

Complications from recent cosmetic surgeries have forced Cardi B to scrap all her shows this week.

Cardi was set to headline a big radio station-sponsored Memorial Day concert in Baltimore, but won’t be able to make the stage because of the fallout from a recent liposuction and breast augmentation. She also postponed a concert in El Paso, Texas scheduled for this evening (Tuesday) “due to circumstances beyond her control.” And two shows set for upstate New York this weekend have been pushed back to September. Fans who are unable to attend the rescheduled New York and Texas dates are entitled to refunds.

Cardi disobeyed doctor’s orders earlier this week and returned to the stage early rather than taking time off to rest, recover and heal up from surgery.

Hot Takes:

  • Wonder if she’s regretting performing at Rolling Loud and twerking at the Fashion Nova launch.
  • It’s better to take the time to heal now than power through and risk permanent damage.
  • She should have just listened to the doctor in the first place.
  • As we got older, sometimes we find our bodies don’t bounce back as quickly as we expected.
  • Cardi can’t put on the show her fans are expecting when she’s supposed to stay still the entire time.