Testimonies about R. Kelly begins this Week

Accusers and other witnesses will appear before a federal grand jury in Chicago this week, to testify against R. Kelly.

The Blast reports that the testimony, expected to begin today (Tuesday), will focus on allegations of the singer and his entourage transporting underage girls around the country. Multiple indictments are expected to follow, with possible sex trafficking and child exploitation charges expected.

Officials in other jurisdictions, including the Southern District of New York and Illinois’s Northern District are watching the proceedings closely, as they also look to file indictments against Kelly.

The prosecution reportedly has mountains of evidence provided by accusers to corroborate their stories, including plane tickets, text messages and receipts.

Hot Takes:

  • Last we heard, Kelly allegedly feels optimistic about his chances and is hoping to retain the services of Thomas Mesereau, who helped Michael Jackson beat a child sex abuse case in 2005.
  • He’s innocent until proven guilty.
  • Hopefully this doesn’t drag on forever. Whatever side you’re on, you should hope to see justice carried out swiftly.
  • They need to throw the book at him and put him under the jail.