Bushwick Bill of Geto Boys is Hospitalized

Bushwick Bill says he fell ill shortly after announcing the cancellation of a Geto Boys reunion tour that he apparently never signed off on.

Bill said in an Instagram video, “For all y’all out there that thought I was healthy enough to make a tour, I’ve been in the hospital since May 24… Interestingly enough, walking pneumonia and [there’s] an infection in my blood… Now, the rumor is I pulled out on the tour, but if my health was a concern then you would know about my health, not about me pulling out of the tour. This is a health issue. Pancreatic cancer. Chemo therapy gave me pneumonia.”

When it came out last week that Bushwick Bill was going to bail a four-city Geto Boys “Farewell” tour, reports said he took issue with the tour’s name, and felt like his illness was being exploited to sell tickets. But regardless of those feelings, this past weekend’s hospitalization makes it clear his health probably wasn’t good enough to tour in the first place.