Drunk Driver Call Another Drunk Friend to Pick Her Up From Police Station

A New Jersey woman who was arrested for drunk driving was told to call someone to come pick her up — so she got on the phone and called her best, and drunkest, friend — and got him arrested too.

21-year-old Morgan Doran asked her friend Sebastian Rehm to pick her up at the police station. But when he arrived, officers noticed he smelled of alcohol and placed him under arrest. Fortunately he was able to find a sober friend with a car to pick them both up. (WFMZ-TV)

Hot Takes:

  • You can be sure cops got a good sniff of the second friend who came to pick them up.
  • You have to be a real drunken idiot to drive drunk to the police station.
  • He may be stupid, but he’s a good friend.