50 Cent Calls Out ‘Power’ star on Money Owed

The latest chapter in the saga of 50 Cent: Celebrity Debt Collector involves his Power co-star Rotimi.

Fifty claims that the actor owes him $300,000. Of course, with Curtis, you never know how much truth there is behind his “jokes.” Rotimi responded with an emotional statement because he “felt like I needed to address this.”

Snoop Dogg stepped up, offering to cover the Power star’s debts. He says, “50, I’mma pay you what Rotimi owes you, cause I don’t want him to get killed on Power. I think you’re gonna kill him next cause he owes you money… Don’t kill him. I’mma pay him for you. How much he owe you, cuz? Let’s talk about it. Rotimi, I got you cuz. Nigeria, I have your back.”

Hot Takes:

  • 50’s really taken this ‘Fifty’ thing too far.
  • Must be nice to have a celebrity benefactor like Uncle Snoop.
  • It’s the final season — who cares if a character lives or dies?
  • I don’t know if I can take anything 50 or Snoop says on social media seriously. They both play too much.