WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Health Failing

Jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange missed a court appearance today in London amid rumors that he is gravely ill.

Assange is serving 50 weeks in jail for jumping bail and is also fighting extradition to the U.S. which wants to put him on trial for publishing classified military documents.

Assange was scheduled to appear in court via video link. WikiLeaks says it is concerned about his health and that he’s been moved into the prison’s health ward. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • Assange didn’t look very good a few months ago when he was arrested and carried out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London.
  • His friend, Pamela Anderson, has expressed concerns about his health.
  • He’s under a lot of stress while fighting extradition to both the U.S. and Sweden.