Madonna: Gets Shot down after Trying to Block Sale of Personal Items

A New York judge just shot down Madonna‘s attempt to block an auction of long-abandoned personal items, including a pair of panties and a love letter from onetime boyfriend Tupac Shakur.

One of the Material Mom’s old friends, who said the singer had given her boxes of personal items many years ago, first put the stuff up for sale back in 2017. The initial sale was stopped, but a Manhattan judge reversed that decision last year — leading to Madge’s latest appeal, which was denied this week by an appeals court.

A lawyer for Doreen Lutz and the auction house issued a statement saying, “We feel that the court came to the absolutely correct decision, and it’s good to know that justice is blind to things like celebrity and that facts will prevail.” (New York Post)

Hot Takes:

  • Madge has $500 million in the bank — she should just bid on the stuff herself.
  • The market for vintage panties ain’t what it used to be, but these are Madonna’s.
  • Is there anyone she DIDN’T date back in the day?