Rihanna: Records Album on Tiny Island and Worth $600 million

Rihanna has secluded herself on a tiny island to record her next album.

Osea Island is east of London. It features a state-of-the-art recording studio. Also for her entourage cottages,  a swimming pool, workout gym and media room to watch movies.

Rihanna is committed to stay there until her album is complete. (The Mirror)

Osea Island rents for $25,000. She can afford it. Forbes magazine named Rihanna the wealthiest female singer. Altogether, she’s worth $600 million. Not too shabby for a girl from Barbados.

Hot Takes:

  • These days, Rihanna’s clothing line earns her more than music.
  • An album would be great, but unnecessary. These days, singers like ArianaHalsey and Miley release new music the same week they recorded it.
  • A secluded island sounds lonely and might result in gloomy music.