Cardi B: Still Cancelling Shows

Just a couple weeks after the last round of cancellations, Cardi B has cancelled another show.

Bardi has pulled out of the Parklife Festival, scheduled for August 8th in Manchester, England.

Last month, she was forced to postpone a handful of shows due to complications healing from recent surgeries. The May dates were rescheduled for September.

Hot Takes:

  • It’s still two months away — I’m guessing her reason for canceling doesn’t have anything to do with her health.
  • Sometimes things come up. She’s doing the right thing by giving notice early, so people have time to change plans if needed.
  • She’s not trying to lose money or damage her reputation. Something must be up.
  • The promoters should replace her with Nicki Minaj.
  • This isn’t the kind of “Press” she’s looking for.