BEYONCE: Surprise Longtime Collaborator at Awards Ceremony

    Beyoncé surprised everyone in attendance when she showed up at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood Thursday evening.

At an event where Denzel Washington was honored with the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award, Beyonce presented the Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal to Melina Matsoukas. Matsoukas was the woman behind the lens of Beyonce’s “Formation” video as well as episodes of Insecure and Master of None.

Beyoncé said, “After over a decade of collaborating with Melina we’ve become family… In 2005 she managed to shoot five videos with me in three days, creating beautiful imagery with little to no budget. We’ve come a long ways since those days…As a woman of color, conformity is not her thing. She stays authentic to her roots and femininity in an industry dominated by men. Her drive, vision, taste level and storytelling is boldly unapologetic.”

Even Matsoukas herself didn’t expect to see Queen Bey pop up. She acknowledged that she texted Beyonce a couple of days back but got no response. (LA Times)

Hot Takes:

  • Matsoukas made her name and started her career working with Beyonce.
  • It’s always great to celebrate the wins of the folks who have been rocking with you since day one.
  • She deserves it!
  • We need more visibility for female filmmakers and people of color. Melina is going to inspire a whole generation.