Cam’ron: Note to Kevin Durant

Cam’ron has written a note to let Kevin Durant know how much he appreciates the Warriors star’s grit after he got injured on the court in game 5 of the NBA Finals.

The Dipset rapper wrote on Instagram, “We live in an era where players put money, contracts and their health first. (As they should) but just to see Kevin Durant take the floor last night was special… So to see KD even get on that floor gave me a chill… I just want to thank KD for trying to put forth an effort that doesn’t happen anymore. And trust me no one is more hurt then he is. Of course physically, but as a competitor. My love and prayers go out to him. And I know he’ll be back better and tougher.”

Hot Takes:

  • Back in his high school days, Cam was being scouted and recruited by top schools, and was even considered an NBA prospect.
  • It’s nice to see sports fans showing some love and respect instead of just trying to tear the other team down and second-guess all of the coach’s decisions.
  • Folks like to complain about athletes being overpaid, but these people are literally putting their bodies and lives on the line for our entertainment. How can you put a price on that?