Cuba Gooding Jr. denies groping claim and says he will surrender to police

Cuba Gooding Junior denies accusations that he groped a woman, but says he will surrender to police tomorrow (Thursday).

A 30-year-old woman accused the 51-year-old actor of drunkenly grabbing her in a New York bar Sunday night. Gooding tells TMZ that the accusation is untrue. He says he posed for pictures with fans and never touched anyone inappropriately. He insists surveillance footage from inside the bar will tell the true story.

Gooding will be accompanied by his lawyers tomorrow when he turns himself in to police. He’s expected to be charged with forcible touching.

Hot Takes:

  • He’d better hope the surveillance footage backs up his story.
  • He’s been in this boat before. He sometimes gets a little too drunk and rowdy.
  • He says he’ll go to court and “trust the system.”