Beyonce: Democrats Try to Get Her Vote

Democrats are looking thirsty for that Bey-Hive vote.

A new digital campaign for the 2020 election uses lyrics from Beyonce‘s “Sorry” to send a message to the Commander-in-Chief and appeal to potential voters. A phone wallpaper shows a picture of Trump, with a pink filter over it and the words “Boy Bye 2020.” The cringe-worthy tweets says, “This is a whole mood” with a call to action to text “Boybye” to 43367 to receive the “free limited edition wallpaper.”

The tweet got a lot of attention, but not the type they were hoping for. A couple days after the post went up, there are over 4000 replies, but only a few hundred retweets and likes.

Hot Takes:

  • This is just desperate.
  • Do you know how many people have to approve a campaign like this? There had to be someone who knew this was a bad idea.
  • Somehow I think it’s gonna take more than a wallpaper to win in 2020.
  • I mean, if Beyonce actually starts performing at fundraisers and endorsing candidates, it might move the needle.
  • Everyone wants to ride the Beyonce bandwagon.
  • I wonder who the Republicans would get as the face of their campaign — someone like Toby Keith?