Nicki Minaj: Teasing Her New Video “Megatron”

Nicki Minaj is teasing fans with little tastes of her new video.

A few days before “Megatron” premieres, Nicki showed off behind-the-scenes footage. She’s off camera for most of the quick clip, which shows her dancers taking direction before Nicki slowly struts into the frame. There’s a green Lamborghini that appears to be parked next to gas station in the jungle.

“Megatron” premieres Friday on Nicki’s Queen Radio on Beats1. She’s also asking for fans to get in on the fun, by asking Barbs to tweet out their #TronName on social media.

Hot Takes:

  • It’s only been about a month since her last video, “Wobble Up.”
  • It’s Nicki season!
  • I guess if the video is good enough we can forget about that tour she promised us that never happened. I forgive you, Nicki!
  • One thing about Nicki is she knows how to build hype.