Hope Hicks got Democrats Mad about Her Refusal to Answer Questions

Former White House communications Hope Hicks sat for a closed-door interview in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, but Democrats weren’t happy, because for the most part, she had a closed mouth.

White House lawyers said that Hicks is “absolutely immune” from being forced to give testimony in front of Congress.

After two hours of questioning, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu had enough. He said, “I’ve been watching obstruction of justice in action. You have their White House serving ‘absolute immunity,’ which is not a thing – it doesn’t exist.” (The Hill)

Hot Takes:

  • Democrats said Hicks wouldn’t even say where her office was located in the White House.
  • Congressman Val Demings said Hicks did answer some questions – most likely about her work on the Trump campaign, which the White House likely didn’t try to squelch.
  • Republicans dismissed the whole thing as a complete waste of time.