Miley Cyrus: Called “Perdue Chicken” by Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj went after Miley Cyrus, again.

This time, the rapper called Miley a “Perdue chicken.” The beef between the two started four years ago, but escalated with the “Cattitude” lyrics by Miley, (quote) “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi.”

On Friday, Nicki unleashed a fury of NSFW insults, (quote) “Perdue chickens can never talk [crap] about queens. She disrespected me in a magazine article. I had just seen her in the studio after she sucked Mike WiLL’s [peen].”

Nicki brought up the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards hosted by Miley. (quote) “You sucked all that D, only to come out looking like a Perdue Chicken on stage. Then got mad and went back to country music. Sit yo’ stupid ass down.” (BuzzFeed)

Hot Takes:

  • Gotta remember to call every one of my haters “Perdue chicken.”
  • These rivalries are like whack-a-mole. This one reemerges a week after Taylor Swift and Katy Perry buried the hatchet.
  • Nicki snapped at Miley on the 2015 VMAs stage.
  • WiLL produced the Bangerz album by Miley. She hasn’t denied Nicki’s allegation.
  • The beef made sense four years ago, but these two are approaching their pop culture “sell by” date.