Plane Crash: 11 Dead in Hawaii

A skydiving trip in Hawaii immediately turned tragic on Friday when a plane carrying 11 people crashed shortly after taking off.

The FAA is looking into what caused the twin-engine turboprop to go down just outside of Dillingham Airfield near Honolulu. All 11 people on people on board were killed. It’s the worst civil aviation accident in the country since 2011.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the plane that crashed was the same one that was involved in a mid-air incident back in 2016 near San Francisco when 14 skydivers were forced to jump after the aircraft stalled and began to spin out of control. Pilot error was blamed for that incident, but now investigators are looking into whether the plane was properly inspected. (CBS News)

Hot Takes:

  • It sounds like there very well may have been something wrong with the plane.
  • Witnesses saw the plane crash and erupt in a ball of fire.
  • In the plane’s previous incident, the pilot was eventually able to regain control and safely land the aircraft, but only after everyone safely jumped.