Soulja Boy: Possible Kidnapping Charges Settled

Good news for Soulja Boy who is no longer facing possible kidnapping charges.

The Ventura County District Attorney declined to file charges after prosecutors were unable to gather sufficient evidence. Earlier this year, a woman accused the rapper of holding her captive for six hours. A subsequent police investigation failed to verify those allegations.

Even though the kidnapping charges are off the table, when cops served a search warrant back in February, it opened up a can of worms when ammo was found on the property. Soulja’s in the middle of a 240-day jail sentence for violating probation as a result. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • Just because the case was dropped doesn’t mean he’s innocent — it just means they couldn’t prove he was guilty.
  • Just a few more months till I get my SouljaGame and SouljaWatch I ordered last year.
  • Free Soulja!
  • This whole story sounded pretty fishy from the jump.