Drake’s Dad won $300,000 from a Basketball Bet

Dennis Graham has yet another reason to be proud of his superstar son.

Drake’s dad won a cool $300,000 with a bet on his kid’s favorite basketball team. A $100,000 bet paid out three-to-one when the underdog Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors earlier this month.

Mr. Graham also offered up some advice to the team — skip the team meeting with Donald Trump and visit Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instead. As Mr. G puts it, Justin Trudeau is a much classier guy than that IDIOT Donald Trump.”

Drake’s pops was unable to celebrate with hometown fans in Toronto because of obligations around his new show Fame and Family. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • In Fame and Family, Dennis Graham will interview the parents of other famous folks.
  • It looked like Drake did enough celebrating for the both of them.
  • It pays to have friends or family like Drake.
  • This man is gonna keep riding his son’s coattails around the world like a magic carpet.