Nipsey Hussle: Leaving a Legacy to LA Bloods and Crips to Cease-Fire

Nipsey Hussle’s legacy goes much deeper than rap.

The LA Times reports that in the wake of Nipsey’s death, the LA Bloods and Crips have worked out a peace treaty. Two hours of public negotiations in a Compton park resulted in a cease-fire agreement. The terms are pretty straightforward — the rival gangs agreed to respect each other’s territory and not shoot at one another.

Hot Takes:

  • The meeting had middle-aged gangbangers and young’ns side by side.
  • You can’t get results like Nipsey did without earning the respect of your community first.
  • This isn’t just his legacy — it was his life’s work. Remember those Reeboks Nipsey put out to send a message of unity to gangbangers?
  • In the days before his passing, Nipsey set up meetings with top gang officials and even law enforcement.
  • Show me another artist who can command respect from all sides like Nip could.