Wendy’s:Brings Nicki Minaj and Chance the Rapper Favorite Snack Back

Nicki Minaj wants Wendy’s to stop playing.

On Tuesday, the place with the square burgers announced that “Spicy Chicken Nuggets are officially back on August 19th.” But all Nicki Minaj wants to know is, “Why do y’all keep taking it off the menu in the first place? Just leave it. Y’all mad aggy.” Wendy’s responded with, “Sorry Queen. When people aren’t buying something they take it away. Hopefully they stay around this time?”

Believe it or not, Chance the Rapper is the one to thank for the snack’s comeback. Last month, he tweeted, “Positive Affirmations for today: I WILL have a good day, I will succeed today, Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today.” The Wendy’s social media account promised if the tweet racked up two million likes, the “people in charge” would bring back the beloved nugget variant.