Cardi B: Plead Not Guilty

On Tuesday afternoon, Cardi B made a brief appearance at a New York Supreme Court to plead not guilty to two felony charges she roughed up two strip club bartenders. Cardi allegedly hurled at the women a hookah and bottles of champagne.

Cardi dressed professionally for her court date in a Christian Siriano double-breasted pantsuit and hot pink Birkin bag. Last weekend, while performing in Los Angeles, Cardi declared on stage, (quote) “I ain’t going to jail. I got a daughter.”

Her defense attorney repeated the thought outside the Queens courthouse. (quote) “I know Cardi on a personal level. I know Cardi as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister. It’ll ultimately be a positive outcome in favor of Cardi.”

In October, she supposedly masterminded the attack on the two sisters. Cardi believed one of them hooked up with her husband, Offset. The night of the incident, Migos performed at the Queens strip club. (New York Post)

Hot Takes:

  • Wednesday morning, Cardi changes the subject by releasing the music video for “Press.”
  • Her next court date is in early September, which is the same time that Britney Spears will learn the fate of her conservatorship.
  • Cardi is correct when she said “I ain’t going to jail.” If convicted, Cardi will go behind bars in a prison.
  • Cardi has a violent temper. She also tried to fight Nicki Minaj at a fashion party. One month later, she allegedly beat the two strip club bartenders.