Eminem’s Dad Died at 67

Eminem’s father has passed away.

TMZ reports that Marshall Bruce Mathers Junior died this week near Fort Wayne, Indiana at the age of 67. According to a neighbor, he suffered a heart attack while at home. Em rapped about his pops, who he never met, on songs like “My Name Is” and “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” Marshall’s mom Debbie married Bruce when he was 22 and she was 15. Two years later, she gave birth to baby Eminem and they split up shortly after. He moved to California where he started another family, while she stayed in Detroit.

Em wrote letters to his dad when he was younger but they would come back with “Return to Sender” on the envelope. Sometimes the estranged father would call the house while family members were babysitting, but he never talked to his kid on the phone. In 2001, Bruce wrote an open letter, claiming that Debbie kept him away.

Hot Takes:

  • Considering Em made songs saying he wished his dad would die, I’d doubt he’s too shaken up.
  • He finally got his wish.
  • Old grudges die hard. It can be hardly hard — or even impossible — to forgive people who you feel have wronged you earlier in your life.
  • 67 is still pretty young. Guess he wasn’t in the best of health.