Whitney Houston: New Release Revamps Old Favorite

Whitney Houston recorded a version of Steve Winwood‘s classic “Higher Love” way back in 1990, but it never got a wide release — until today.

The tune was shelved because the late star’s people didn’t want her thought of as a covers artist, but it’s getting a fresh start with a modern revamp by producer Kygo. This version strips out the original instrumentation and matches the vocal with new beats.

Sister-in-law Pat Houston, the executor of Whitney’s estate, tells Rolling Stone she was hands-off in the studio, saying,  “You can’t tell Michael Jordan how to shoot a basketball.” She explains the decision to release the track because, “The current cultural environment has been thirsty for something uplifting and inspiring.”

Hot Takes:

  • This might not have hit big in 1990, since it was not long after Winwood’s original.
  • The new version proves that Whitney could have continued evolving if fate would have allowed it.
  • Dealing with the work of a deceased legend is always tough — but they seem to have hit a bull’s-eye with this.
  • Her people were worried about her being thought of as a covers artist? “I Will Always Love You” was a Dolly Parton number.