Nicki Minaj: Date at Red Lobster

Nicki Minaj freestyled and went on a date with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night’s live Tonight Show.

Barbie returned to the place she worked before she was famous — Red Lobster — to dine on buttery seafood and Cheddar Bay Biscuits. They arrived in style, in a pink stretch Hummer. There was even an attempt at a Lady & the Tramp moment by the talk show host — but it was quickly rebuked by the Queen.

Later on, she made up some rhymes on the spot, using words from Fallon’s freestyle generator like “Hexagon” and “Yeti” for inspiration.

Nicki dished some tea on Twitter after the show, leaning into rumors about her possible pregnancy. She said the cocktail she was sipping was actually virgin. She tweeted, “For the record; that was iced tea in that lobsterita glass. No alcohol was consumed in the making of our dinner date.”

Hot Takes:

  • Jimmy is such a hypebeast. He’s just trying to recreate the magic of Seth Meyers and Rihanna getting drunk from last week.
  • She could be trolling. She’s been playing with fans with the idea that she’s expecting — but hasn’t truly confirmed the news.
  • Nicki should be a permanent co-host. She and Jimmy have great chemistry. (Better than he had with Queen Latifah in that terrible Taxi movie!)
  • In the interview, she confirmed that an album is on the way.
  • Freestyling, clowninng around and feasting on seafood? Sounds like a pretty great way to spend a weeknight if you ask me.