Cardi B: Snatches Off Her Own Wig During Show

Cardi B left it all on stage during a performance at London’s Wireless Festival.

She got so hyped up during the show that she snatched the wig off her head and threw it into the crowd. The impulsive move was apparently unplanned, judging by Cardi’s subsequent regret. On Instagram, she posted a clip from the performance with the caption “I got carried away… I want my wig back. DM me.”

Snoop Dogg commented, “I’m done. You may have pulled off the greatest move in hip-hop.” Taraji P. Henson wrote, “It be like that sometimes huh man.”

Hot Takes:

  • Sometimes you get caught up in the moment and take things farther than you planned to.
  • If you caught the wig, would you be sending it back?
  • She should offer a reward if she really wants it back. I think a meet and greet or maybe even just a quick FaceTime with Cardi would be worth it.
  • You mean she actually reads her DMs?