Billionaire Tom Steyer: Jumps into the Election

Yesterday the Democratic Presidential field lost a candidate, but today it gained one. Billionaire Tom Steyer has thrown his hat into the ring.

Steyer has made a name for himself with his efforts to get President Trump impeached. But now he says he wants to focus on issues such as climate change and campaign finance reform. In a YouTube video, Steyer says, “Almost every major single intractable problem, at the back of it, you see a big-money interest for whom stopping progress, stopping justice is really important to their bottom line.”

He adds that he’s signed the Giving Pledge and plans to give away at least half of his $1.6 billion fortune. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • Amassing a billion-dollar fortune in the private sector has nothing to do with the qualifications for being President. Oh wait…
  • With all the candidates in the race, what does he really think he brings to the table?
  • It’s going to take big money to get big money out of politics.