Meghan Markle: Alleged Photo Ban of Her at Wimbleton

As the U.K.’s newest duchess, Meghan Markle has plenty of photos taken of her, but when the royal made a surprise appearance at Wimbledon last week, she suddenly became camera shy.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, spectators seated near Meghan were instructed not to take photographs because she was there “in a private capacity.”

Media consultant Sally Jones, who was seated in the same row, says a royal protection officer gave her the order, which she called “another example of silly control freakery.”

Meghan was far from anonymous at the match as TV cameras zoomed in on her.

Meghan was there to support her pal Serena Williams.

Hot Takes:

  • Maybe they thought people nearby would snap some unflattering pics.
  • Spectators are lucky they weren’t forced to give up their seats.
  • Are there no luxury boxes at Wimbledon?