Lil Kim: Media Blackout

While Cardi B is rapping about “Press,” Lil’ Kim says she’s done talking to the press — period.

In a recent Instagram Live session, Kimmy Blanco explained that “two of the major outlets [wanting] to be messy” blew it for everyone. The media blackout strategy was apparently her team’s idea. “My publicist and manager made the executive decision to shut it down.” She says she’s done with interviews and press runs if she’s not going to be treated with respect.

Kim had appearances on TodayAccess Hollywood and Watch What Happens Live scheduled for this week. We hear that something that Bravo host Andy Cohen did caused Kim to reconsider.

It’s unclear what specific project she was planning to promote. Kim’s upcoming 9 album is due out this summer. She also has a new VH1 reality series, Girls Cruise, premiering on Monday.

Hot Takes:

  • When she was on Watch What Happens Live in 2012, Andy grilled Kim about her beef with Nicki Minaj.
  • Whatever happened to finding a journalist you trust and sitting down for a lengthy interview?
  • Maybe this is all a way to get people talking about Kim.
  • Conspiracy theorists need to stop doing mental gymnastics to jump to all kinds of conclusions. It’s her life, her career and her business why she canceled.
  • On one hand, she’s smart to cancel these interviews if she’s worried that she’s going to be made into some kind of joke. On the other hand, she’s turned down a trio of highly visible media appearances, which would have been a great chance to get the word out about her new album.
  • I’m calling it now — 9 isn’t happening. At least not this summer.
  • It’s like Birdman said — put some respeck on her name!
  • Maybe there’s more going on behind the scenes than we realize. This whole thing seems kind of fishy to me.
  • It’s a shame when an OG like Lil’ Kim feels like she can’t get a fair shake.