Cardi B: Baby Kulture’s Blackout Birthday

A little power outage couldn’t stop Cardi B from partying.

Cardi and Offset celebrated Kulture’s first birthday on Saturday in New York City. They pulled out all the stops for a party the baby will never remember, including dropping $400,000 on the venue. The theme was “Onederful Birthday” — and it was, complete with a custom cake with characters from Word Party, a Build-A-Bear workshop and a fully-loaded dessert table.

But no amount of star power could keep the gathering from being impacted by a blackout that effected parts of Manhattan. The lights went off and the AC stopped, but around an hour later, things were lit once again, as the venue turned a generator on.

Hot Takes:

  • Happy birthday, Kulture.
  • I don’t want to step in Kulture’s cake and ruin the celebration, but this was such a waste.
  • You do what you want when you’re popping.
  • I guess this was more for Cardi, Offset and their friends than the baby. I’m not sure what one year old is gonna know the difference between a $400 birthday party and a $400,000 one.