R. Kelly: Latest Updates

There have been some serious developments in the world of R. Kelly over the weekend.

We’ve learned that more than 20 videotapes have been submitted into evidence as part of the investigation by the Northern District of Illinois. The footage allegedly shows Kelly engaging in sexual acts with multiple underage victims.

Meanwhile, the parents of Joycelyn Savage worry that their daughter and others may have made a suicide pact with Kelly. The parents of another alleged victim, Azriel Clary, aren’t buying it.

Savage and Clary were reportedly kicked out of Kelly’s properties at Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago during a raid by feds on Thursday. Clary’s parents say the women have since returned.

Hot Takes:

  • It’s scary to think after all this that the relationship between parents and children won’t just magically be restored.
  • He brainwashed those girls. And the effects clearly still haven’t worn off.
  • If there was a suicide pact in place, I wonder if Kelly is part of it.
  • Sometimes concerned parents can get pretty creative when they fear the worst.