R. Kelly: Updates on Alleged Victims

We have a bunch of updates on Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary — the two women who were allegedly brainwashed and held captive by R. Kelly.

The singer’s girlfriends are still living in his condo at Chicago’s Trump Tower. The rent is reportedly paid up through the end of the year. The problem is, the money they were depending on for other living expenses was being doled out by an R. Kelly staffer who is now MIA.

TMZ reports that both women intend to show up to court hearing to support Kelly during a hearing today (Tuesday). The hearing will determine the singer’s eligibility to be released on bond as he awaits trial for multiple federal charges including sex trafficking and obstruction of justice. The women plan to host a press conference after to react to the verdict.

Hot Takes:

  • It takes courage to put on a strong public front. They know how much attention will be on them at the trial and are still deciding to go.
  • It’s sad to think that even when and if Kelly is brought to justice, the relationship his victims had with their families is still forever fractured.
  • There have been reports the women may be involved in a suicide pact.
  • They’re probably just going to tell him they need more money.