Soulja Boy: Face Legal Issues over Cancelled Show

Soulja Boy is home from jail, but he still has some legal issues to deal with.

The latest headache for Soulja is a lawsuit from an Alabama promoter who says the rapper no-showed a gig after getting $9000 up front. Soulja’s manager allegedly sent a text to the promoter claiming that the rapper couldn’t make it because he’d missed his flight. The promoter called B.S. and sent a legal threat back in April. Soulja not only didn’t pay but added insult to injury when he commented, “$9000, I wipe my ass with that lol. I spent that a day haha I spend that on drank, Xbox games and backwoods. When did I get a saycheese wife beater?”

Since then, Soulja has sent an apology video to the promoter for skipping out on the gig. There was a negotiation over making that apology public, but talks fell off when Soulja was arrested for a probation violation. He’s being sued for $13,500 for breach of contract.

Hot Takes:

  • Sometimes things like this happen. As long as Soulja reschedules and helps promote the new date, it shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • There’s always a cost to not keeping your word.
  • If $9000 is nothing to Soulja, why is he playing gigs for that rate?