Young Thug: Lil Nas X Coming Out was a Mistake

After coming out during Pride Month last month, Lil Nas X has received mixed reactions. People like Nelly and Love and Hip-Hop stars praised the 20-year-old artist for courageously living his truth. Then, there were people like Boosie Badazz who just didn’t get it.

Now, Young Thug has weighed in. Thugger says his “Old Town Road” remix collaborator made a mistake by putting himself in box, because it’s going to lead people to label and pre-judge him for what he represents instead of who he is or the music he makes.

Thug also just gave a strong co-sign to Juice WRLD, calling him a modern-day version of 2006-2009 Lil Wayne on the basis of freestyle skills and pop culture knowledge alone.

Hot Takes:

  • It’s not a stretch to call Juice 2019’s version of the “mixtape Weezy.”
  • Do you think the subject came up when Thug recorded his “Old Town Road” remix?
  • He’s got a point. Whatever “ammunition” you give people about your personal life, you can basically expect to get thrown right back in your face.
  • There have been rumors for years about Young Thug’s sexuality. Could this be why he’s afraid to live his own truth?
  • Is it really any of Young Thug’s business what other people’s sexual preference is? If you’re not gonna be supportive, how about keeping your opinions to yourself?