Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Has Been Denied Bail

Jeffrey Epstein will have to stay in jail as he awaits his day in court.

A federal judge in New York denied bail this morning (Thursday) for the billionaire, who’s accused of crimes related to child sex trafficking.

Prosecutors argued that due to his large wealth — and uncertainty about how much of it is even accounted for — he’s a significant flight risk. Authorities found tens of thousands of dollars in cash, multiple loose diamonds and a bogus Austrian passport with his photo in his safe in New York.

Epstein’s lawyers noted that he is willing to put up his New York mansion, valued at $77 million, as collateral for house arrest. They also pointed out that until this month, he hadn’t had any legal issues since his 2005 conviction. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • Cash and loose diamonds are common currency for someone trying to slip out of the country.
  • The passport, bogus or not, expired decades ago. Prosecutors simply argued that it shows that Epstein knows how to get such documents.
  • Epstein will need round-the-clock protection or he’ll never make it to trial.